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Enrich the lives of the differently-abled,
Get rich!

There are at least 650 million people with disabilities worldwide which is about 10% of the total population of the world. #

Forum Nokia-USID Design Challenge 2009 gives opportunity to the design/technology professionals and students to Empower and make life easier for the 10% of the world’s population by designing an aid or a support system (e.g. product, applications, solutions including mobile devices/applications, computing, learning & Information aids and Health & safety etc.) using the information and communication technologies.

Prizes as per the following will be awarded to the best three entries:
  • 1st Prize: Rs. 50,000/-*
  • 2nd Prize: Rs. 30,000/-*
  • 3rd Prize: Rs. 20,000/-*
*Tax will be deducted as per the Income Tax regulations of Govt. of India.
The prizes will be awarded during the closing event of the USID 2009 which is being planned in September 2009.
The details and schedule for the closing event will be notified to all the winning teams through email/post. The Individual team can decide to collect the prizes themselves by attending the closing event of USID 2009 on their own expenses or can inform USID Foundation about their incapability to attend the closing event. In this case, USID Foundation will make some alternative arrangement of forwarding the prizes to the winning teams. By participating in the design challenge, you agree to be bound by the Official Rules, and the decisions of USID Foundation, which shall be final in all respects. All the entries shall receive participation certificates from the USID Foundation.
Registration: August 16th, 2009
Submission: September 4th, 2009
For registration send email to with your name and institution/organization.
The teams must submit their deliverables as mentioned below. Incomplete entries will not be taken into consideration.

Design Challenge Jury

Prakash Sayini
Prakash Sayini,
Forum Nokia India Lead
Raman Saxena
Raman Saxena,
Sr. Director User Experience, ITC CA &
Co-founder USID Foundation
  1. Design Concept Poster ( PDF A3 ), including the following
    • Theme Title, Teams details, Institution / organization details
    • The problem statement you have taken
    • A concise description of the proposed solution
    • Clear illustrations of key aspects of your proposed solution
    • Compelling, effective visual design
    • Prototype
    • Acknowledgement of any assistance drawn from outside the student team (advisors, faculty, domain experts, existing solutions, users, etc.)
  2. Design Solution Storyboard (PDF, PPS) (if require to explain the concept)
  3. Interactive Prototype showing the concept (Optional)
The deliverables should be submitted as a single Zip file by 30th August, (6:00 PM GMT) to email ID: .The file must be not larger than 10 Mb in size.
Individual or maximum 4 members
The entries will be judged by a jury composed of members from (eminent design, technology and User Experience and accessibility professionals) from industry & academia. The Jury will choose three winners who will be awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd ranks. Each entry will be judged based on the Creativity, Ingenuity, Innovation, Feasibility, Impact & User Experience and Feasibility of implementation.
Disclaimer: This competition shall not constitute a commitment or create a joint venture, partnership, agency or other media or business relationship between the participants and the organizers or judging companies of this competition. This competition shall not either be understood to grant to any participant whether expressly or by implication any ownership, rights or license to any intellectual property rights of any of the organizers, judging companies and vice versa. None of the Information which may be disclosed or exchanged by the parties shall constitute any representation, warranty, assurance, guarantee or other inducement by any party to any other of any kind, and, in particular, with respect to the infringement of any trademarks, patents, copyrights or any other intellectual property rights, or other rights of either party.
#Source: United Nations Development Program (UNDP statistics)
1st Prize: UIDC-000153 Anshuman Prasad / TM Nagamayur, IIM Bangalore
2nd Prize: UIDC-00024 & 00130
                       (Jointly Shared)
UIDC-00024: Himanshu Agrawal, MDES, IIT Kanpur &
UIDC-00130: Sumit Dagar, National Institute of Design, Bangalore
3rd Prize: UIDC-194 Umang Shah, MDES, IIT Kanpur
UIDC-000140 Kumud Bihani Bihani School of Information, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
UIDC-000051 Diya Gangopadhyay
Divya Gupta
Ityam Vasal
Kirti M. Goel
Carnegie Mellon University, PA, USA
IIM, Ahmedabad
FICO India, Bangalore
Telenav Inc., CA, USA
UIDC-000005 Sachin Ghodke IDC, IIT Bombay
UIDC-000008 Majid Dadgar University of Tehran, Iran
Regn. No. Reg. Date Name Company / Institution
UIDC-0001 31st July
Sachin Rathi,
Samir Bellare,
Tanmay Jyot
NID, R&D Campus, Bangalore
UIDC-0002 31st July Aditya Karle ThoughtWorks
UIDC-0003 31st July Amrapali Satpudke NID, Ahmedabad
UIDC-0004 31st July Anil Dr.Ambedkar Institute of Technology
UIDC-0005 1st August Sachin Ghodke IDC, IIT Bombay
UIDC-0006 1st August Amit Ganguly RCC Institute of Information Tech., Kolkata
UIDC-0007 2nd August Anant Bhaskar Garg University of Petroleum & Energy Studies, Dehradun
UIDC-0008 2nd August Majid Dadgar University of Tehran, Iran
UIDC-0009 2nd August Sachin Gaur Helsinki University of Technology, Finland
UIDC-00010 2nd August Matt Vogel Portland Web Development
UIDC-00011 2nd August Raza Habib Lunds unievrsity, Sweden
UIDC-00012 3rd August Harikrishnan B NID, Ahmedabad
UIDC-00013 3rd August Neeraj Kumar
Vaibhav Choudhary
IIM Calcutta
Sun Microsystems
UIDC-00014 3rd August Ajay Kumar Panda NIIT Technologies
UIDC-00015 3rd August Adel Anwar NID Ahmedabad
UIDC-00016 3rd August Sajid M Saiyed Philips Design
UIDC-00017 3rd August Neetu Yadav Alwar Institute of Eng., Alwar
UIDC-00018 3rd August Gargi Das Trecin India Pvt Limited, Ahmedabad
UIDC-00019 3rd August Jena Dillip Kumar RSJG, Rajkot
UIDC-00020 3rd August Mohd Anwar Jamal Faiz,
Sadiyah Ozair,
Samreen Faiz
Adobe Systems
Jamia Millia Islamia
Aligarh Muslim University
UIDC-00021 3rd August Jeganathan K Solverminds Solutions
UIDC-00022 3rd August Vivek Debnath South City College
UIDC-00023 3rd August Sukanya Bor Saikia NID
UIDC-00024 3rd August Himanshu Agrawal IIT Kanpur
UIDC-00025 3rd August Balamurugan Balusamy VIT University, Vellore
UIDC-00026 4th August Ganesh Gopal D VIT University, Vellore
UIDC-00027 4th August Paromita Banerjee,
Sudipta Deb
Wipro Technologies
UIDC-00028 4th August Prachi Garg NID, Ahmedabad
UIDC-00029 4th August Siva Krishna D Bodhtree Consulting
UIDC-00030 4th August Abhijit Divyasree Technopolis
UIDC-00031 4th August Asmita Misra,
Parita Kapadia,
Sanket Sharma
Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune
AISSMS College of Engineering, Pune
UIDC-00032 4th August Ramesh Gohil SRK Institute, Kutch - Gujarat
UIDC-00033 4th August Namisha Naidu,
Ajay Choudhary,
Sharad Singh Solanki
Pramati Technologies, Hyderabad
UIDC-00034 4th August Sheetal Ingolikar Domus Academy, Milan,Italy
UIDC-00035 4th August Ripul Bhopal,
Sakshi Gagneja
Apeejay College of Fine Arts, Jalandhar
UIDC-00036 4th August Sukanya Sanyal,
Ankit Shekhawat,
Unmesh Patki,
Piyush Gopi
Human Factors International
UIDC-00037 4th August Gaurav Abnesh Kulshrestha IIT Guwahati
UIDC-00038 4th August Supreeth. S S.S.N. College of Engineering, Chennai
UIDC-00039 4th August Rajarajan Infosys Technologies
UIDC-00040 5th August Ved Surtani Pramati Technologies, Hyderabad
UIDC-00041 5th August KyungMin Kim Carnegie Mellon University
UIDC-00042 5th August Rahul Telgote,
Shweta Gupta
Research Design & Xperience
UIDC-00043 5th August Anirudh Sharma Rajasthan Technical University
UIDC-00044 5th August Hemant Sahal VIT University, Vellore
UIDC-00045 5th August Sandeep Dev Kern Communication
UIDC-00046 5th August Anshu Saurabh
Gaurav Singhal
Anant Baghel
Ashish Bindal
IIIT Allahabad
UIDC-00047 5th August Abhijeet S.Kamble Ticker Plant India, Mumbai
UIDC-00048 5th August JG Vimalan Photon InfoTech, Chennai
UIDC-00049 5th August Dipu Chandran Verizon
UIDC-00050 5th August Tadgata Choudhury Bharath University, Chennai
UIDC-00051 5th August Diya Gangopadhyay
Divya Gupta
Ityam Vasal
Kirti M. Goel
Carnegie Mellon University, PA, USA
IIM, Ahmedabad
FICO India, Bangalore
Telenav Inc., CA, USA
UIDC-00052 5th August Rajan Vaish
Artem Dudarev
UIDC-00053 6th August M.P. RAJEESH AIT, PUNE
UIDC-00054 6th August Gichoya Judy Wawira Moi University School of Medicine, Kenya
UIDC-00055 6th August Manaswi Shukla University of Michigan, School of Information
UIDC-00056 6th August Dhaumya Mehta NID, Ahmedabad
UIDC-00057 6th August Yogesh S Patankar Freelancer
UIDC-00058 6th August Dipumon AM Freelancer
UIDC-00059 6th August Radhika Sawhney IED, Milan, Italy
UIDC-00060 6th August Anantha Narayanan.V ABB India, Bangalore
UIDC-00061 6th August Sanjay Singh Freelancer
UIDC-00062 6th August Arun Gupta Tezpur University
UIDC-00063 6th August Purnachandra Freelancer
UIDC-00064 6th August Salil Bhargava
Gavin Remedious
Abhishek Dwivedi
NID, Ahmedabad
UIDC-00065 6th August Shant Sagar
Devina Coutinho
Samiksha Kothari
Amrutha Krishnan
IDC, IIT Bombay
UIDC-00066 6th August Malay Vaishnav
Anand Shah
Anand Shah
Anurag Sharma
Infosys Technologies, Pune
UIDC-00067 6th August Sravan Kumar Desikan Cognizant Technology
UIDC-00068 6th August Vikas Gupta Freelancer
UIDC-00069 6th August Ashish Gupta Annamalai University
UIDC-00070 6th August P.Keerthi Princeton College of Engineeering & Technology
UIDC-00071 6th August Abhishek Mishra Amrita School of Engineering, Bangalore
UIDC-00072 6th August Abhishek. R. Shetty Freelancer
UIDC-00073 6th August Namit Agrawal
Ginni Jain
Harneet Singh Puri
MMEC, Ambala
UIDC-00074 6th August Shibu Prabhakaran Ninestars
UIDC-00075 7th August Abhishek Batra
itesh Jumani
Cognizant Technology Solutions
UIDC-00076 7th August Aneez Backer 
Milan Saini 
Pramati Technologies Ltd.
UIDC-00077 7th August BALAKRISHNA.CP VXL eTech Pvt. Ltd.
UIDC-00079 7th August Saravanan Nagasundaram
Tabita Abraham
Human Factors International
UIDC-00080 7th August Sudheesh K.K Sasken communications 
UIDC-00081 7th August Manuj Dhariwal IIT-Guwahati 
UIDC-00082 7th August Sameer Suryakant Kulkarni Infosys Technologies Limited, Pune, Maharashtra
UIDC-00083 7th August Annapureddy Rama Papi Reddy Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore
UIDC-00084 7th August Sridhar K Rao
Ashok bharathi Chockalingam
Wipro Technologies
UIDC-00085 7th August Debasish Das IIM Bangalore
UIDC-00086 7th August Ananya Vetaal
Mansi Arora 
Design for Use
July Systems
UIDC-00087 7th August Navanath Saharia
Vaskar Deka
Iftikar Hussain 
Tezpur University
UIDC-00088 7th August Brahm Deo Yadav Center for Moduling and Simulation,University of Pune
UIDC-00089 7th August Simarjeet Singh Ahuja Design Innovation, HTS Bangalore
UIDC-00090 7th August Anandaraj Thangappan
Ganesh Subramaniam
Wipro Technologies, Bangalore
UIDC-00091 7th August Anand K Jha  Accenture
UIDC-00092 7th August Maheswaran Sarangapani
Rohit Sitani
Saranya Palanisamy
Vikas Jain
Sasken Communication Technologies chennai
UIDC-00093 7th August Parag Trivedi Honeywell 
UIDC-00094 7th August Abhishek Mishra
Rohan Prabhu
Amrita School of Engineering Bangalore
UIDC-00095 7th August Dr. Narinder Kumar Govt. Sen. Sec. School, Shermajra, Punjab
UIDC-00097 7th August Tania Dey
Ann Mathew
Aishwarya M. Iyengar
Namita Baindoor
D. J. Academy of Design, Coimbatore
UIDC-00098 7th August Sheetal Elangovan
Sonaal Bangera
Photon Infotech
UIDC-00099 7th August Girija Aathalye Mindtree, Banglore
UIDC-00100 7th August Bharrat.K.Mohan   
Meenakshi Sundararajan Engineering College
UIDC-00101 7th August Arundhathi Ganapathy Wipro Technologies 
UIDC-00102 7th August Ayush Bajaj
Rohit Mohan
Ashutosh Kumar Upadhyay
IIT Guwahati
UIDC-00103 7th August Anant Bhaskar Garg University of Petroleum & Engergy Studies
UIDC-00105 8th August Ayush Srivastava National Institute of Design, R & D Campus, Bangalore
UIDC-00106 8th August Varsharani Bhiungade CMS Computers , Mumbai
UIDC-00107 8th August Kaushal Darbari iSoft Technologies
UIDC-00108 8th August Neety Rai 
Sagar Raut
Shailja Pahuja
Ritika Mathur
National Institute of Design, Ahmadabad
UIDC-00109 8th August Asad Hashmi
Honey Bajaj
Srishti School of Art Design and Technology
UIDC-00110 8th August Dinesh Marne Solutions@HP
UIDC-00111 8th August Monil Dalal CDG (Communication Design Group), Infosys Technologies Ltd.
UIDC-00112 8th August Syed Yaser Ali IIT Kanpur
UIDC-00113 8th August Praneeth Bodduluri
IIT Kanpur
UIDC-00116 8th August Ashish Verma
Sagar Gaikwad
Ashin Matthew
Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore
UIDC-00117 8th August Raman Khanna
Saikat Dutta
Design for Use
Infoedge India ltd.
UIDC-00119 8th August Ankur Sardana
Abhijit Bairagi
Design Professionals
UIDC-00121 8th August SHRADDHA KATIYAR IIT Kanpur
UIDC-00122 8th August Huda Jaffer Srishti School of Art Design and Technology
UIDC-00123 8th August Ritika Mathur
Sagar Raut
Shailja Pahuja
Neety Rai
NID, Ahmadabad
UIDC-00124 8th August Saravanan Freelancer
UIDC-00125 8th August Shailee Advani
Malav Sanghvi
Mitsu Shah
Pragya Singh
NID, Ahmadabad
UIDC-00126 8th August Soumya Ranjan Panda
Tushar Agarwal
IIT Kanpur
UIDC-00127 8th August Priyanka Shetye
Mukul Bisht
Carnegie Mellon University, PA, USA
FICO India, Bangalore
UIDC-00128 8th August Prakashkumar Thiagarajan
Rajiv Sugandh
Vivekanand Education Society's Institute of Technology, Mumbai
UIDC-00129 9th August Himanshu Agrawal
Alap Shah
Niral Desai
UIDC-00130 9th August Sumit Dagar National Institute of Design, Bangalore
UIDC-00131 9th August Vaibhav Jaswal IIT-Kanpur
UIDC-00132 9th August Shibu Prabhakaran Freelance Consultant
UIDC-00133 9th August Krishna Chaitanya Alur
Patel Zubin Nizam
UIDC-00134 9th August Shuchi Gangwal
Prasurjya Phukan
Vipin Singh
NID, Ahmedabad
UIDC-00135 9th August Rahul Khatry IIT-Kanpur
UIDC-00136 9th August Kirodi Lal Meena IIT-Kanpur
UIDC-00137 9th August Priyanka Kodikal  Srishti school of Art, Design and Technology
UIDC-00138 9th August B. Raj kumar
S. Saranraj
G. Sathish kumar
K. Yuga Prakash
Dr. Mahalingam College of Engineering and Technology
UIDC-00139 9th August Rohit Arora IIT-Kanpur
UIDC-00140 9th August Kumud Bihani School of Information, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
UIDC-00141 9th August Dhyan Suman
Avijit Sengupta
Arnab Chakravarty
Hrushikesh Chitre  
Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
UIDC-00142 9th August R.Sailesh Kumar IIT-Kanpur
UIDC-00143 9th August Neha Bhatia Novatium Solution Pvt Ltd
UIDC-00144 9th August Pranshu Bansal IIT-Kanpur
UIDC-00145 9th August Neha Kiran Singh IIT-Kanpur
UIDC-00146 9th August Vedant Mehta
Yash Vohra
Nishant Mungali
Jonathan Bidwell
Carnegie Mellon University
Entasis India
UIDC-00147 9th August Amit Gudadhe
Rupesh Kumar Srivastava
IIT Kanpur
UIDC-00148 9th August Vaibhav Gulati Punjab College of Engineering, Chandigarh
UIDC-00149 9th August Aashka Shah NID, Ahmedabad
UIDC-00150 9th August Rupesh Manne
Ability Engg
UIDC-00151 9th August Harsha Kutare
Somnath Chakravorti
Tata Elxsi Ltd
ECS Pvt. Ltd
UIDC-00152 9th August Iftikar Hussain
Vaskar deka
Amitabha Nath
Tezpur University
UIDC-00153 9th August Anshumaan Prasad
T M Nagamayur
IIM, Bangalore
UIDC-00154 9th August Harshit Raj IIT Kanpur
UIDC-00155 9th August Kamaladhar Reddy IIT Kanpur
UIDC-00156 9th August Nutan Sawant
Shanu Sharma
Kratika Varma
Richa Khera
IIT Kanpur
UIDC-00157 9th August Erduan Avdic IxD group Sarajevo
UIDC-00158 9th August Gandharv S Bakshi
Lavina Mahbubani
IIM Bangalore
Lavina Mahbubani
UIDC-00159 9th August Nagaraja Freelancer
UIDC-00160 9th August Pinaaki Aggarwarl IIT Kanpur
UIDC-00161 9th August Atul R. Sultane
Kiran Bajpe
IIT Kanpur
UIDC-00162 9th August Venkataramana Kamath U
Sunil Kumar
Vijay Kumar P.T
Stavin Lawrence D'souza
Infosys Technologies
Tata Consultancy Services
Novellus India
UIDC-00163 9th August Avijit Chowdhury Libra Techno
UIDC-00164 10th August Anup Kumar Subudhi
Shaktisuta Pattnaik
National Institute of Science & Technology, Berhampur
UIDC-00165 10th August Kshitij Bhardwaj
Abhiraj Satarate
Aman Gupta
IIT Guwahati
UIDC-00166 10th August RVV Prasad Rao
D. Balakrishna
P.V. Sailaja
IIIT Hyderabad
UIDC-00167 10th August Deep Parikh
Neha Kiran Singh
IIT Kanpur
UIDC-00168 10th August Mohammed Mansoor Freelancer
UIDC-00169 10th August Aakash Johry
Mukund Mundhada
Neel Shah
Rohit Raghuvanshi
IIT Kanpur
UIDC-00170 10th August Asutosh Kar
Anupriya Gupta
Infosys Technologies
UIDC-00171 10th August M.Senthil Kumar IIT Kanpur
UIDC-00172 10th August Simarjeet Singh Ahuja HTS Bangalore
UIDC-00173 10th August Ankit Kumar
Sathish Sekar
Abhitosh Ghongde
Sairam Jagtani
IIT Kanpur
UIDC-00174 10th August Jose Ledon Umea Institute of Design
UIDC-00175 10th August Prathap Raj Shekar NID Ahmedabad
UIDC-00176 10th August Abhijeet Narvenkar NID Ahmedabad
UIDC-00177 10th August Shikha Daga
Shimolee Nahar
Human Factors
UIDC-00178 10th August Hari Kishan Nallan C Think Design
UIDC-00179 10th August Pragam Rathore
Siddharth Bathla
IIT Kanpur
UIDC-00180 10th August Srimanth Kumar Addanki July Systems, Bangalore
UIDC-00181 10th August Anshuman Kumar Yahoo
UIDC-00182 10th August Prithu Paul
Sandipan Das
Lokeswar V
IIT Kanpur
UIDC-00183 10th August Sarika Madhukar Bahaley
Vaishali Agrawal
IIT Kanpur
UIDC-00184 10th August Saurabh M Bag Symbiosis Institute Of Design, Pune
UIDC-00185 10th August Pankaj Kumar
Manoj Kuldeep
Tanushree Sinha
NIFT, Hyderabad
UIDC-00186 10th August Rajarajan Radhakrishnan Cognizant Technology Solutions, Bangalore
UIDC-00187 10th August Aditya Saxena D E Shaw & Co., Hyderabad
UIDC-00188 10th August Achala Jha
Nisha Madhava Pai
Jagadeswari Dhanagopal
Aswath K
UIDC-00189 10th August Durgesh Patil Symbiosis Institute Of Design,Pune
UIDC-00190 10th August Mr. Ashfaque H. Tamboli
Mr. Pritam Prabhu
XTPL, Pune
M.S.Ramaiah School of Advanced Studies, Bangalore
UIDC-00191 10th August V.Sree Aurovindh Dr.Mahalingam College of Engineering and Technology
UIDC-00192 10th August Sannidhya Misra
Supriya Lamba
MindTree Ltd.
UIDC-00193 10th August Tanya Bansal Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune
UIDC-00194 10th August Umang Shah IIT Kanpur
UIDC-00195 10th August Anurag Kumar
Amritanshu Singh
Arun Kumar Rajput
Abhinav Srivastav
IIT Kanpur
UIDC-00196 10th August Pavithra. J
Infosys Technologies
UIDC-00197 10th August Anand Shashidhar Freelancer
UIDC-00198 10th August Pratyusha Reddy
K.Vikram Tej
NID Ahmedabad
UIDC-00199 10th August Shweta Srivastava Infosys Technologies
UIDC-00200 10th August Yogesh R. Sonawane IIT Kanpur
UIDC-00201 10th August Aravindan Doraisamy Cognizant Technology, Chennai
UIDC-00202 10th August R. Jyothi Priya
B. Mary Prathiba
C. Selva Ganesan
Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai
UIDC-00203 10th August Sandeep N. Thorat
Suchi Singh
IIT Kanpur
UIDC-00204 10th August Manjari Choudhary NID
UIDC-00205 10th August Parag Deshpande M S Ramaiah School of Advanced Studies, Bangalore
UIDC-00206 10th August Seshu
Sasken Communication, Bangalore
UIDC-00207 10th August NILESH B W NBWAL
UIDC-00208 10th August Kolipey Abhishek IIT Kanpur
UIDC-00209 10th August Anuj Kumar Srivastava 4cplus, Delhi
UIDC-00210 11th August Eric Hsieh
Geraldine Chong
UIDC-00211 11th August Bantiraje Krushnarao Chavan Mphasis
UIDC-00212 11th August Arvind e-potent, Hyderabad
UIDC-00213 12th August Jai Dandekar Freelancer
UIDC-00214 12th August Qixing Zheng
Tristram Southey
Microsoft, University of British Columbia
UIDC-00215 12th August Ratul Bhomwik
Aakhash GV
NID Ahmedabad
UIDC-00216 12th August Debarghya Goswami JIS College of Engineering
UIDC-00217 12th August Muthu Saravanan R
John Philip R
Ranjith Kumar R
Infosys Technologies
UIDC-00218 12th August Mohini Gupta Freelancer
UIDC-00219 12th August Santhosh R AOL, Bangalore
UIDC-00220 12th August Sanya Rai Gupta
Upasana Simha
Tisha Deb Pillai
Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology
UIDC-00221 12th August Sanjay Sen AOL, Bangalore
UIDC-00222 12th August Nidhi Rajora NID Ahmedabad
UIDC-00223 12th August Amartya Singh
Debashish Sadangi
IIM Bangalore
UIDC-00224 12th August Srinivasan Infosys, Bangalore
UIDC-00225 12th August Rajalakshmi Rajagopal College of American Pathologists, United States
UIDC-00226 12th August Adip Dutta Fornax Research
UIDC-00227 12th August Ankit Jain CDAC Pune
UIDC-00228 12th August Girish M C Intuit, Bangalore
UIDC-00229 12th August Sathis Kumar M
Prathesh M
UIDC-00230 12th August Abhishaik Sharma
Gayatri Kapur
Niharika Charan
Prateek Khurana
S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai
UIDC-00231 12th August Sumit Kumar SRM University, Chennai
UIDC-00232 13th August Mainak Ghosh Wipro
UIDC-00233 13th August V.S.Ravi Kiran Balusu Finsol Consultancy, Visakhapatnam
UIDC-00234 13th August K.Kanagasabapathi
Dr.Mahalingam college of Engineering and Technology, pollachi
UIDC-00235 13th August Priyadarshinee Mohapatra NID, Ahemdabad
UIDC-00236 13th August Vinoth Balu Gunasekaran Cognizant Technology Solutions
UIDC-00237 13th August Javed Amanullah
Jasmine Ali
Shameer Sirajuddin
Farooq Rahamthullah
ICAT, Bangalore
Khalsa College, Mumbai
KC College, Mumbai
UIDC-00238 13th August Vimal Kumar
Nitin Kulkarni
IIT Kanpur
UIDC-00239 13th August Sachin Gupta Hughes Systique
UIDC-00240 13th August Bidesh Chandra Paul
Ninad Mande
Shalekh Banka
IIM Bangalore
UIDC-00241 13th August Shivesh Chandra Freelancer
UIDC-00242 13th August Ganesan. M . R
Rajeswari. K
Revathi. B
Sudha. N
Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai
UIDC-00243 13th August Arumugapandian.T MindTree, Chennai
UIDC-00244 13th August Prafula Pandian Techdew, Chennai
UIDC-00245 13th August Sandeep Netaji Thorat IIT Kanpur
UIDC-00246 13th August Aurobindo Nayak NID Ahmedabad
UIDC-00247 13th August Yashwanthan Raja Arvato Mobile, Dubai
UIDC-00248 13th August Aunindra Kumar Sinha
Garima Chawla
Rashmi Panwar
Infosys Technologies
UIDC-00249 13th August Lakshmi Kumar Infosys Technologies
UIDC-00250 13th August G.BHARATHWAJ
Thiagarajar college of Engineering, Madurai
UIDC-00252 13th August Kirti Verma Hi-Tech Gears Limited, Gurgaon
UIDC-00253 13th August Sumathi S Sasken Communication, Bangalore
UIDC-00254 13th August Nitin Agarwal
Vishal Agarwal
Spatial Ideas
UIDC-00255 13th August Anjani Andhra Loyola College
UIDC-00256 14th August Pritam Shetty First Indian Corporation Private Limited, Bangalore
UIDC-00257 14th August Rahul Deshpande NID Ahmedabad
UIDC-00258 14th August S.Pongobinath
Dr.Mahalingam College of Engineering and Technology
UIDC-00259 14th August R.Hemamalini,
H.Ishwarya shri
Thiagarajar college of Engineering, Madurai
UIDC-00260 14th August Ansif Anwar
Harry John Asir
Sasken Communications
UIDC-00261 14th August Deepak Salwan Nortel Networks
UIDC-00262 14th August Gaurang Nagre NID Ahmedabad
UIDC-00263 14th August Subash Chellamuthu NID Ahmedabad
UIDC-00264 14th August Shilpa Chaudhari.
Nivedita Khandekar
NID Bangalore
UIDC-00265 15th August Dhaval Thakar Dell Inc.
UIDC-00266 15th August Shruti Agrawal
Abhishek Bit
IIT Kanpur
Technical University Munich, Germany
UIDC-00267 15th August Rama Thiagarajar College of Engineering , Madurai
UIDC-00268 15th August Nagarajan Keane Inc.
UIDC-00269 15th August Raj Vardhan Nigam
Nishant Srivastava
Jaypee Institute of Information and Technology, Noida
United College of Engineering and Research, Allahabad
UIDC-00270 15th August Hanisha Vaswani Freelancer
UIDC-00271 15th August Irene Binu
Excel Technologies
UIDC-00272 15th August Sachin Gupta
Umesh Kanodia
UIDC-00273 15th August Hilmi Quraishi
Subhi Quraishi
ZMQ, Gurgaon
UIDC-00274 15th August A.Pradeepa
Thiagarajar College of Engineering , Madurai
UIDC-00275 16th August Shubham Goel
Rohit Sharma
Gunjan Arora
Akansha Panchal
Deloitte, Mumbai
College of Engineering Roorkee, Roorkee
Inderprastha Engineering College, Ghaziabad
UIDC-00276 16th August N.T.Ajith
Sri Krishna College of Engg. & Tech., Coimbatore
UIDC-00277 16th August D.ELAKKIYA
Thiagarajar College of Engineering , Madurai
UIDC-00278 16th August Suyog Deshpande
Dr. Nikhil Joshi
UIDC-00279 16th August Divya.S
Thiagarajar College of Engineering , Madurai
UIDC-00280 16th August Chandrasekar Srinivasan
Aditya Sanjay Belsare
UIDC-00281 16th August Charupriya Agrawal
Saurabh Srivastava
SPA, New Delhi
IIT Mumbai
UIDC-00282 16th August S.Santhaprakash
M.Senthil Krishna
Anna University, Chennai
Thiagarajar College of Engineering , Madurai
UIDC-00284 16th August R.SALINI DEVI
Thiagarajar College of Engineering , Madurai
UIDC-00285 16th August Nitin Agarwal
Vishal Agarwal
Spatial Ideas
UIDC-00286 16th August Eknath Venkataramani Amrita School of Engineering
UIDC-00287 16th August Divyanshu Bansal
Vivek Tripathi
IIT Guwahati
UIDC-00288 16th August Atul Kohale Cognizant, Pune
UIDC-00289 16th August Dilip Sharma Aricent Technologies, Bangalore
UIDC-00290 16th August Ananya Chatterjee
Xavier Dayanandh
NID Ahmedabad
UIDC-00291 16th August A.P. NATCHAMMAI
Thiagarajar College of Engineering , Madurai
UIDC-00292 16th August Satish Shastry Freelancer
UIDC-00293 16th August Sudarshan Chandrashekar Manipal University
UIDC-00294 16th August Joshima V.M IIT Kanpur


Prakash Sayini
Forum Nokia India Lead
Prakash Sayini is a seasoned telecom professional with 14 years of experience, who extensively worked in all domains of mobile telecommunications starting from R&D, Standardization, Pre-Sales, Business Development and Developer relations. He is currently leading Forum Nokia India activities where he is continuously innovating new
ways to engage and entice developer community to develop mobile applications and providing business opportunities. Prior to Nokia he spent 8 years with Siemens communications which is now part of Nokia Siemens Networks and 3 years with National University of Singapore (NUS) leading the 3G software development and standardization activities. He has solid e2e understanding of telecommunication systems mainly in the areas of IMS/FMC and Service Delivery Frameworks and Platforms. He has special liking working with Educational institutes and universities. He was a Guest lecture @ NUS (Institute for System Sciences) on Next Generation technologies and services. He is credited for introducing IMS and SIP technologies into ISS (NUS) master's program in partnership with Siemens Communications. He holds a Master's Degree from Queensland University of Technology - Australia  in Computers and Communication Engineer and lived in Singapore for 12 years before returning to India last september to take up the Forum Nokia India responsibility.
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Raman Saxena
Sr. Director, User Experience, ITC CA & Co-Founder USID Foundation India
Raman Saxena has 18+ years professional experience in the Technology and User Centric Design domain. He is currently working with CA as Sr. Director User Experience. Before joining CA in December 2004, he had worked as Usability and User Experience professional in various organizations including SIEMENS, NOKIA, Human Factors International Inc. & Network Program in INDIA, US, EUROPE & CHINA.
Raman is an Electronics & Communication Engineer with Post Graduate education in Industrial Design from India’s Premier design Institute, National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmadabad. He has been part of EEU/German Govt. scholarship for advance studies with focus on Usability, Human Factors and Design
Raman is also very actively involved with premier design and technology institution such as NID, NIFT, etc. as guest faculty and jury member. He is also the member of the Programme Advisory Committee of National Institute of Design (NID) R&D Campus, Bangalore, India.
He co-founded USID (Usable software and Interaction Design) Foundation India, a community of Human Computer Interaction & Design professionals & enthusiasts formed in May, 2006 with an objective to serve students, researchers, professionals, specialists, and others in the academia and industry who has a keen interest in the field of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Usability Engineering, Interaction Design, User Experience Research, Technical Communication, Project and Product Management. Today, this community has grown to 250+ members. As founder of USID Foundation, he has been organizing India’s largest 3 days user Experience conferences since 2007 (USID2007, USID2008 and USID2009)
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