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Why Launch Pod?
Download Launch Pod Poster

Today more than ever before, the ‘experience’ of a product or service has come to matter as much as the core product or service itself. At USID, we are constantly looking for ways to bring forth the most contemporary thinking and real world examples around engaging and cutting edge consumer experiences to our community of product, design, and technology professionals.

At USID 2009, Launch Pod is our attempt to showcase experiences that have improved the quality of life for consumers, delighted them and helped them harnessed their own productivity better. These experiences will be showcased in a “live” and engaging format.
How will Launch Pod work?
Each presenter will get 5 minutes to share their demo in an unconference style, dynamic, ‘live’ format. Presenters can showcase actual products or working concept demos (in any technology – No slide decks please!). Your demo can be run from a laptop or directly from your device.
Where will be hosted and when?
Launch Pod will be hosted for 60 minutes each on Sep 18 and Sep 19.
Who can participate? How to apply?
Anyone with an interesting user experience innovation to showcase! Entries can be from Internet, mobile, desktop, new media, consumer hardware and any other technology domains.
To apply, send a 200 word write-up and a screenshot of your product/concept to and Your write-up should include:    
  • The market your product or service is targeted at
  • The specific user experience problem or user experience opportunity addressed
  • Details on the uniqueness of your interaction design or experience innovation
  • Why your experience is unique and should be considered for USID Launch Pods

For further details or questions please call Raman (9866237620) or Amit (9845690069). 

How will pod demos be selected?
Proposals will be evaluated for novelty, originality, relevance and feasibility.
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