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Design Challenge 2008

After the Mobile networks was introduced to Kerala (India) in 1997, the fisherman soon began investing in mobile phones which allowed them to call local markets while they were still at sea and determine where they would receive the best price for their catch. The improvements in information flow facilitated by mobile phones helped to raise the fisherman's profits by 8%, lower consumer prices by 4% and reduce the average 'catch wastage' from around 6.5% to almost zero.

The spread of mobile phones in India is growing rapidly and the number of subscribers had reached 261 million* at the end of March 2008. By 2010 India will have 250 million** people having mobiles with Internet capabilities & built-in cameras. 100 million** people can watch video on their phones. 200 million^ can listen to music and 200 million^ can have radio capability in their Mobile phones.

In the same time the challenge of food shortage is being faced across the globe. Considering this, the role of productive and planned agriculture will play a critical role in bringing food to our tables. Since India’s economy is driven by agriculture, the focus should be on empowering rural agricultural community – that is struggling to effectively grow, and sell financially viable produce despite the incessant demand.

Simply meeting the communication and entertainment needs will not mean much unless we answer the vital question, Is there a social responsibility while extending mobile connectivity throughout the world? We need to focus on how mobile phone can help the overall socio-economic development. There is also a need to focus on the kind of mobile user experience that must be delivered for these new consumers?
How can you harness the power of mobile telephony to enhance the livelihood and quality of life of the farming community of India?
* TRAI Press Release April 2008
** Economic Times
^ Economic Times

Design a Mobile Application to Empower the Farming Community of India!

Design an easy to use mobile application (Concept & the UI) that can help in the agriculture productivity and socio economic development of the rural population.

Design should take into consideration NOKIA S 40 series phone such as N6300.



Prizes as per the following will be awarded to the best three entries:

  • 1st Prize: Rs. 40,000/-*
  • 2nd Prize: Rs. 25,000/-*
  • 3rd Prize: Rs. 15,000/-*

*Gadgets/Products of approx. value

The prizes will be awarded during the closing event of the USID 2008 which is planned from 4-6 September 2008. The details and schedule will be notified to all the winning teams through email/post. The Individual team can decide to collect the prizes themselves by attending the closing event of USID 2008 on their own expenses or can inform USID Foundation about their incapability to attend the closing event. In this case, USID Foundation will make some alternative arrangement of forwarding the prizes to the winning teams. By participating in the design challenge, you agree to be bound by the Official Rules, and the decisions of USID Foundation, which shall be final in all respects. All the entries shall receive participation certificates from the USID Foundation.

Students and Professionals from India
Registration: July 31st, 2008
Submission Closed
For registration send email to with your name and institution/organization.
The teams must submit all three deliverables in specifies formats. Incomplete entries will not be taken into consideration
Design should take into consideration NOKIA S 40 Series Phone such as N6300
1. Design Concept Poster ( PDF A3 ), including the following
Theme Title, Teams details, Institution / organization details
The problem statement you have taken
A concise description of the proposed solution
Clear illustrations of key aspects of your proposed solution
Compelling, effective visual design
Acknowledgement of any assistance drawn from outside the student team (advisors, faculty, domain experts, existing solutions, users, etc.)
2. Design Solution Storyboard (PDF, PPS)
3. Interactive Prototype showing the concept ( Flash / HTML/JAVA ME Application)

The development environment being Java with a key focus on Nokia's Series 40 phones that constitutes of large portion of India 's rural handset market. For details about the Series 40 phone please click here.

For discussion, help, tips on user Interface/usability and other expert advice kindly use the Forum Nokia Technical Discussion Board, formed specifically to assist developers through leveraging the technical expertise available at Nokia.

All three documents should be submitted as a single Zip file by 17 August, (6:00 PM GMT ) to email ID: The file must be not larger than 5Mb in size.
Individual or upto 4 members in each team.
The entries will be judged by a jury composed of members from NOKIA and eminent designers from industry & academia. The Jury will choose three winners who will be awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd ranks. Each entry will be judged based on the Creativity, Ingenuity, Innovation, Usability & User Experience and Feasibility of implementation.

Disclaimer: This competition shall not constitute a commitment or create a joint venture, partnership, agency or other media or business relationship between the participants and the organizers or judging companies of this competition. This competition shall not either be understood to grant to any participant whether expressly or by implication any ownership, rights or license to any intellectual property rights of any of the organizers, judging companies and vice versa. None of the Information which may be disclosed or exchanged by the parties shall constitute any representation, warranty, assurance, guarantee or other inducement by any party to any other of any kind, and, in particular, with respect to the infringement of any trade marks, patents, copyrights or any other intellectual property rights, or other rights of either party.


Regn. No.

Reg. Date


UIDC-P-0001 16th July
Shama Rasal
SAP Labs India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
UIDC-P-0002 17th July Devendra Kumar Rane
Freelancer Designer
UIDC-P-0003 17th July

Sandeep Dev,
Sayalee Sharangpani

Freelance Designer
UIDC-P-0004 17th July Nitin Mehta Mcafee Software, India
UIDC-S-0005 17th July

S.R Santhosh

Vellore Institute of Technology University, Vellore
UIDC-P-0006 17th July Neha Srivastava
Abhishek Upadhyay
Times Business Solutions
UIDC-P-0007 17th July Ravindra Suthar Nimoble
UIDC-P-0008 18th July

Susheel Kiran Javadi

Ziva Software, Bangalore
UIDC-S-0009 18th July Pawan Kumar Mundhra SMK Fomra Institute Of Technology,
Anna University
UIDC-P-00010 18th July Senthil Kumaar Manokar,
Senthil Kumar Alagunambi,
Daisy Gnana Deepa Ravindran,
Arun Jyothis
HCL Technologies Ltd
UIDC-P-00011 18th July Arvind Sagar.G Capgemini
UIDC-P-00012 18th July

Dhayan Kumar,
Suneel Posimreddy,
Pranavdatta Natekar

Oracle Corporation
UIDC-P-00013 18th July

Dipu Chandran

Verizon Data Services India
UIDC-P-00014 18th July Srinivasa Kumar Karri Freelancer
UIDC-P-00015 18th July

Pravin S. Padale

D sign Design
UIDC-S-00016 19th July Vrushali Chandrashekhar Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune
UIDC-S-00017 19th July

Mahvash Afzal

Zakir Hussain College of Engg. & Tech., Aligarh Muslim University

UIDC-S-00018 20th July Pratik Zaveri Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology
UIDC-P-00019 20th July Siddharth Gaikwad Sasken Communication Technologies
UIDC-P-00020 20th July M Srinivasa Rao August Technologies
UIDC-P-00021 20th July Mohd Anwar Jamal Faiz Tata Consultancy services, New Delhi
UIDC-S-00022 21st July Sameer Singhal,
Ankit Kumar
Management Development Institute, Gurgaon
UIDC-P-00023 21st July M.Mohamed Ameen AOL India
UIDC-S-00024 21st July Pankaj Nathani Government Engineering College, Bhavnagar
UIDC-S-00025 21st July Ankur Uttam,
Arvind Sharma
IIM Bangalore
UIDC-P-00026 21st July Kamaraj S,
Kavitha Mailsamy
IBM India
UIDC-P-00027 22nd July Srinivasan Kumarasamy Oracle India
UIDC-S-00028 22nd July Ankit Govil,
Vishrut Shukla,
Abhay B. Murarka
UIDC-P-00029 22nd July Santosh Ostwal Ossian Agro Automation
UIDC-P-00030 22nd July Sudeep Nayak,
Shailender Misra
Allgo Embedded Systems
UIDC-P-00031 22nd July Somya Bhatnagar,
Rashmi Panwar
UIDC-P-00032 22nd July Vivek Beniwal Pramati Technologies
UIDC-S-00033 22nd July Shipra Roy,
Yathindra L
NIFT, Bangalore
UIDC-S-00034 22nd July Sarang Ganoo,
Gaurav Kulkarni,
Vrushali Kulkarni,
Nikhil Autade
Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune
UIDC-S-00035 22nd July Sumona Chakravarty,
Avneesh Singh Narang
Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore
Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore
UIDC-P-00036 22nd July Prathesh M,
Sathis Kumar M.
Infosys, Bangalore
UIDC-P-00037 22nd July Anshu N Jain IBM India Research Lab
UIDC-S-00038 23rd July Sathish M,
Subash R,
Anith Prakash
IIM, Bangalore
UIDC-S-00039 23rd July Kunal Gupta,
Nitin Chowdhary,
Ragini Hariharan,
Shayak Sen
IIM Bangalore
UIDC-P-00040 23rd July Furzana PM,
Kannan R,
Vennila D,
Meena S
HCL Technologies, Chennai
UIDC-P-00041 23rd July Amar Khubani,
Sarit Ghosh
Impetus Infotech
UIDC-S-00042 23rd July R. Uday Kiran,
Abhishek Pandey
IIIT Hyderabad
UIDC-P-00043 24th July Janani Mani,
Narmadha S
HCL Technologies, Chennai
UIDC-P-00044 24th July Ankur Sardana,
Nilesh Akode,
Niteesh Elias,
Parag Trivedi
Honeywell, Bangalore
UIDC-S-00045 24th July Arunkumar Francis IISc Bangalore
UIDC-P-00046 24th July Neha Modgil Techved Design
UIDC-P-00047 24th July Deepa Masilamani, Janani Mani,
Narmadha Sivakumar
HCL Technologies, Chennai
UIDC-P-00048 24th July Chirag Solanki,
Sagar Thackar,
Kunal Asodaria
UIDC-S-00049 24th July Kumari Sandhya NID Bangalore
UIDC-P-00050 24th July Dhayan Kumar,
Suneel Posimreddy,
Pranavdatta Natekar
Oracle Corporation
UIDC-S-00051 24th July Vidhya Appu,
Mrinalini Sardar,
Smriti Mehrotra,
Varshapriya Radhakrishnan
Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune
UIDC-P-00052 24th July Mayank Kumar Adobe Systems, Noida
UIDC-S-00053 25th July Smriti kataria,
Anunag Jayanti,
Nikhil Bhatia,
Ankit Taparia
Management Development Institute, Gurgaon
UIDC-P-00054 25th July Rajender Pasricha Sasken Communication
UIDC-P-00055 25th July Taufik Md. A Sayyed
Sasken Communication
UIDC-P-00056 25th July Sathishkumar Kingsley,
Satyam Computers
UIDC-P-00057 25th July

Avvinaash Mohan,
Senthilnathan Duarivelu,
Thualsiraman Sampath

Sasken Communication
UIDC-P-00058 25th July

Kumar Vishal

Sasken Communication
UIDC-S-00059 25th July

Eshita Priyadarshini

NID Ahmedabad
UIDC-P-00060 25th July Shubham Sinha Sasken Communication
UIDC-S-00061 26th July Srividya Nandam,
Akhilesh Soni
International Institute of Information Technology, Pune
UIDC-S-00062 26th July Bikash Agarwal,
Sunil V N,
K K Kishore,
Sripradish K
S P Jain Institute of Management & Research , Mumbai
UIDC-S-00063 26th July Abhijeet Narvenkar NID Ahmedabad
UIDC-P-00064 26th July Subhash Nair Pattena Sasken Communications, Bangalore
UIDC-S-00065 26th July Priyadarshinee Mohapatra,
Shuchi Gangwal,
Prasurjya Phukan
Parita Katke
NID Ahmedabad
UIDC-S-00066 26th July Akshay Khandalkar NID Ahmedabad
UIDC-P-00067 26th July Saurabh Garg Creativeland Asia
UIDC-S-00068 26th July Prasanna A. Gadkari,
Praveenraj T. Uchil
IISc Bangalore
UIDC-S-00069 26th July Veeni Patel Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune
UIDC-S-00070 27th July Karan Puri,
Sorabh Jain,
Samir Sawe,
Prashant Dadu
Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune
UIDC-S-00071 27th July Vivek Arjanlal Wadhwa,
Dhiraj Kukreja,
Arvind Kumar Pandey,
Nripendra Rana
Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune
UIDC-S-00072 27th July Prakhar Mathur,
Vipul Goyal,
Ankit Biyani
Management Development Institute, Gurgaon
UIDC-S-00073 27th July Anshul Gupta IIM Bangalore
UIDC-S-00074 27th July Kaustubh Sonawale,
Yugant Sonawale
Sardar Patel College of Engineering
UIDC-S-00075 27th July Sarang Powar NID Ahmedabad
UIDC-P-00076 27th July Bindu Rama Rao Vaudiofone Corp.
UIDC-S-00077 28th July Rahul Deshpande NID Ahmedabad
UIDC-P-00078 28th July Arun B Wipro GE Healthcare
UIDC-S-00079 28th July Abeer Garg,
Alok Chitre,
Bulbul Negi,
Protik Basu
Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune
UIDC-P-00080 28th July Samrat Guha Niyogi,
Shameek Ghosh
Samsung India Software, Bangalore
Wipro Technologies, Bangalore
UIDC-P-00081 28th July Krishna Kishore K. R,
Rahul Singh
Sasken Communications, Bangalore
UIDC-P-00082 28th July Susheel Kiran Javadi Freelancer
UIDC-P-00083 28th July Srikanth Nutigattu Satyam Computer Services
UIDC-P-00084 28th July Sunil Kumar Vuppala,
Adi Mallikarjuna Reddy
Infosys Technologies
UIDC-S-00085 28th July K Kartik Chandra,
Anshuman Pachauri,
Anuroop Katheriya,
Manoj Veeramani
Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune
UIDC-P-00086 28th July Vaibhav Khanna    Infosys Technologies, Pune
UIDC-S-00087 28th July Radhika Ramadoss,
Ekta Sachdev,
Ganesh V
Symbiosis Institute of Design
UIDC-S-00089 28th July Jahnavee Chitte NID Ahmedabad
UIDC-S-00090 28th July Amrapali Satpudke NID Ahmedabad
UIDC-S-00091 28th July Neha Yadav,
Anoma Shah
NID Ahmedabad
UIDC-S-00092 28th July Bhuvanesh Kumar.E,
Udhya Moorthy.G,
Sampath Kumar.P
Sri Krishna College Of Engineering And Technology, Coimbatore
UIDC-P-00093 28th July Raman Khanna,
Saikat Dutta
Design For Use, Delhi
Infoedge, Noida
UIDC-S-00094 28th July Abhishek Kumar Agarwal,
Shikhar Ranjan,
Aastha Chandra,
Aabhar Dadhich
Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune
UIDC-S-00095 28th July Amaresh Gautam
MDI, Gurgaon
UIDC-S-00096 28th July Asmita Misra,
Aditi Bidkar,
Sanket Sharma
Symbiosis Institiute of Design, Pune
AISSMS College of Engineering, Pune
UIDC-S-00097 28th July Pranab Shrestha,
Ravi Jain,
Tushar Pradhan
Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune
UIDC-S-00098 28th July

Saurabh Nath,
Aamir Shaikh,
Sohan Upadhye,
Shreyas Puri

Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune
UIDC-P-00099 28th July K.Jayakumar,
S.Senthil Kumar,
UIDC-P-00100 29th July S udheesh .K.K Sasken Communation
UIDC-P-00101 29th July Bhaskar Thube Sasken Communation
UIDC-S-00102 29th July Deepak Singh NID Ahmedabad
UIDC-P-00103 29th July Sachin Gupta Freelancer
UIDC-P-00104 29th July Anshuman Kumar,
Nilesh Pradeep Baraskar
UIDC-S-00105 29th July Mitushi Jain,
Prachi Nagpal,
Pranali Khachane
NID Bangalore
UIDC-P-00106 29th July Kalinga Bhusan Ray Sasken Communation
UIDC-P-00107 29th July Eswaran Narasimhan,
Deepesh P C,
Radha Rajgopal Tupil
NIIT Technologies, Bangalore
UIDC-P-00108 29th July Amit Bharti,
Anu Alurkar,
Rajat Bhardwaj,
Rahul Wagaskar
Zensar Technologies
UIDC-S-00109 29th July Neha Jain,
Reshma Desai,
Aparna Iyer,
Mona Jalan
Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune
UIDC-S-00110 29th July Naren Jamatia NID Ahmedabad
UIDC-P-00111 29th July Aunindra Kumar Sinha,
Shilpa Sood,
Denver J Mel
Infosys, Bangalore
UIDC-S-00112 29th July Vikramtej Kovelakonda NID Ahmedabad
UIDC-P-00113 29th July Susheela Beniwal,
Chandra Pratap Singh
Sasken Coomunication
Winfoware Technologies
UIDC-P-00114 29th July Sandeep Peddi CA, Hyderabad
UIDC-P-00115 29th July Aditya Hari,
Anindita De
Yahoo, Bangalore
UIDC-S-00116 29th July Kirti Verma,
Prayes Jambusaria,
Sachin More
MIT ID, Pune
UIDC-S-00117 29th July Devina Cooutinho,
Manasi Agarwal,
Mihir Joshi,
Shruti Mehrotra
Symbiosis Institiute of Design, Pune
UIDC-S-00118 30th July Abhishek Deshpande,
Prateek Khurana,
Amitoj Singh,
Abhishaik Sharma
S P Jain Institute of Management and Research , Mumbai
UIDC-S-00119 30th July Sumit Sharan,
Indranil Chatterjee,
Pankaj Kumar,
Pravat Kumar Behera
IIM Bangalore
UIDC-P-00120 30th July Rahul Tirpude,
Thiyagarajan K
UIDC-P-00121 30th July Kuldeep Singh,
Kshitija Thakar,
Manjunath Govindaraju,
Sateeshu Kandikuppa
Philips Innovation Campus, Bangalore
UIDC-P-00122 30th July Srikanth Nutigattu,
Nishi Gupta,
Ravinder Mantrala
Satyam Computer Services
UIDC-P-00123 30th July Gourav Marwah, Tushar Samir Gupte,
Ankur Gupta
Oracle India
UIDC-P-00124 30th July Atul Paranjpe, Vineeth Nair,
Girish Gandhi, Shantanu Kulkarni
Satyam Computer Services
UIDC-P-00125 30th July Arjun Shivanna,
Karthik Ramanan,
Rudresh H.B.,
Vishal Jain
UIDC-S-00126 30th July Saurabh Srivastava,
Aditi K.
IDC, IIT Bombay
UIDC-P-00127 30th July Garima Chawla,
M Subhan Ali,
Rahul Alex Varghese
Infosys, Bangalore
UIDC-S-00128 30th July Anubha Jain,
Anshumai Daimari,
Madhumita Sarkar,
Swati Mimani
Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune
UIDC-S-00129 30th July Biswanath Dalai,
Gaurav Prasad
Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune
UIDC-S-00130 30th July E.Sandeep Sathyanarayana Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune
UIDC-S-00131 30th July Rahul Bansal Welingkar Institiute Management Development & Research, Mumbai
UIDC-S-00132 30th July Animesh Mishra,
Tarun Aggarwal,
Rahul Ingle,
Vijay Dhoke
Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune
UIDC-P-00133 30th July Sathish Kumar V,
Ravikiran R
Infinera Corporation
Schneider Electric
UIDC-S-00134 30th July Anshul Gupta IIM BAngalroe
UIDC-S-00135 30th July Payal Chowdhury,
Prantik Banerjee
IIT Kanpur
UIDC-S-00135 30th July Prince Praveen,
Ritesh Prasad,
Sanmesh Thakur
Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune
UIDC-P-00136 30th July

Srinivasan Kumarasamy,
Nanthakumar Muthusamy,
Jayaseelapandian Chellaiah,
Sivasubramanian Kalidas

Oracle India
Zylog Systems
UIDC-S-00137 30th July Neha Chauhan,
Subodh Garg,
Supriya Sehgal,
Viju Nambiar
Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune
UIDC-S-00138 30th July Zinal Patel NID Ahmedabad
UIDC-S-00139 30th July Shweta Garg,
Richa Batra,
Komal Minawala,
Hersh Singh
Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune
UIDC-S-00140 30th July Shreya Khandelwal,
Reenu Raina,
Sakshi Pingley
Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune
UIDC-S-00141 31st July Alpi Chaudhari,
Devesh Saboo,
Divya Prakash Dubey,
Sae Hee Ghim
Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune
UIDC-P-00142 31st July Subhashish Chatterjee Freelancer
UIDC-P-00143 31st July Deepak Srinivasan,
Anand Agrawal
UIDC-P-00144 31st July Aditi Biswas,
Abir Biswas,
Sandeep Singh
UIDC-S-00145 31st July Hussain Arsiwalla,
Siddhartha Garg,
Dipti Brahmane,
Naphirisa Sawian
Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune
UIDC-S-00146 31st July Ravi Pandey,
Prachi Nirgudkar
Welingkar Institute of Management & Development Research, Mumbai
UIDC-S-00147 31st July B.L.Naveen IDC, IIT-Bombay
UIDC-S-00148 31st July Salil Bhargava,
Gavin Remedios,
Xavier Dayanand
NID Ahmedabad
UIDC-P-00149 31st July Vishal John,
Manu R Nair,
Jithu Gopal
Infineon Technologies, Bangalore
Logica, Bangalore
Delphi, Bangalore
UIDC-S-00150 31st July Asad Hashmi,
Nachiappan Ramanathan
Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore.
UIDC-S-00151 31st July Ramviyas N P IIT Delhi
UIDC-S-00152 31st July Akshaya Krishnan Sir M Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology
UIDC-P-00153 31st July Amrit Kumar,
Nikhilesh Kumar,
Renji Kuruvilla Thomas,
Mahesh C
Infosys, Bangalore
UIDC-P-00154 31st July Amit Kankani,
Pramod Murthy,
Bhanuchandar K
Eterno Infotech
UIDC-S-00155 31st July Neelesh Chaurasia,
Renuka Rampal
Welingkar Institiute Management Development & Research, Mumbai
UIDC-S-00156 31st July Abhimanyu Saxena IIIT Hyderabad
UIDC-P-00157 31st July Rajeev Chomacham Kandy Sasken Communication
UIDC-S-00158 31st July Shrikant Vishwanathan MDI Gurgaon
UIDC-S-00159 31st July Riyaj Isamiya Shaikh,
Kirti Kanitkar,
Viraj Sapre
IDC, IIT Bombay
UIDC-P-00160 31st July Divyang Garg Coral Soff'wares, Kolkata
UIDC-S-00161 31st July Sarita Behera IIT Delhi
UIDC-S-00162 31st July Koushik Sil,
Parag Mehta,
Piyush Arora,
Prasshant H
S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Reserach, Mumbai
UIDC-S-00163 31st July Anirudh Roy Popli,
Preeti Choudhary,
Rohit Bohra
IIM Bangalore
UIDC-S-00164 31st July Pavan Kumar D IIIT Hyderabad
UIDC-P-00165 31st July Rajdeep D Dalwadi Sasken Communication
UIDC-P-00166 31st July Prathe Shetty,
Venkat Mandapati,
Prachi Gupta
Philips Innovation Campus, Bangalore
Aricent, Bangalore
UIDC-S-00167 31st July Sumit Dagar,
Mauli Nath,
Justin George
NID Bangalore
UIDC-P-00168 31st July Bhupender Singh Mobisy Technologies, Bangalore
UIDC-S-00169 31st July Farhat Ali Siddiqui Zakir Hussain College of Engg. & Tech., Aligarh.
UIDC-P-00170 31st July Praneet Koppula,
Aurobindo Nayak,
Saravanan N,
Kunal Kapoor
Human Factors International
UIDC-S-00171 31st July Rohit Ashok Khot,
Romanch Agrawal
IIIT Hyderabad
UIDC-S-00172 31st July T V P Chowdry Welingkar Institute of Management, Bangalore
UIDC-S-00173 31st July Saurabh Srivastava NID Ahmedabad
UIDC-S-00174 31st July Abhishek Upadhyay,
Abhilash Yesodharan,
Sonu Ghosh,
Akshat Bapna
Welingkar Institute of Management, Bangalore
UIDC-S-00175 31st July Puneet Girdhar,
Jairaj Bhattacharya
IIIT Hyderabad
UIDC-S-00176 31st July Akanksha Singh,
Butool Abbas
IIT Kanpur
UIDC-S-00177 31st July Ratan . J . Sebastian IIT Kharagpur
UIDC-S-00178 31st July Aditya Chopra,
Ankur Dimri
Welingkar Institute of Management, Mumbai
UIDC-S-00179 31st July Shweta Srivastava NID Ahmedabad
UIDC-S-00180 31st July Karan Satav,
Prasad Zapke,
Supriya Bendre,
Prashant Raghatwan
Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune
UIDC-S-00181 31st July Huda Jaffer,
Priyanka Kodikal,
Honey Bajaj
Srishti School of Art, Design And Technology
UIDC-P-00182 31st July Shalini Krishnan Honeywell Technology, Bangalore
UIDC-S-00183 31st July Nikita Garg,
Yasha Ingole
Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune
UIDC-P-00184 31st July Divya Subramanian,
Panindra Srinivasamurthy,
Anil Adireddi
Sasken Communication
UIDC-S-00185 31st July Payal Khuttan,
Shanti Prakash Baldewa
IIT Kharagpur
S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research
UIDC-S-00186 31st July Archana Nana Mane Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune
UIDC-S-00187 31st July Usha Singh,
Yogesh Kumar,
Shivendra Singh,
Ayush Srivastava
NID Bangalore
UIDC-S-00188 31st July Neha Saini Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune
UIDC-S-00189 31st July Sachin Rathi,
Samir Bellare,
Prabuddha Vyas
NID Bangalore
UIDC-P-00190 31st July PR Seshagiri Rao Agriculture Professional
UIDC-S-00191 31st July Ashok Komireddy Vasavi College of Engineering, Hyderabad
UIDC-S-00192 31st July Arvind P

Mallareddy College of Engineering and Technology,  Hyderabad

UIDC-S-00193 31st July Surabhi Singh Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune
UIDC-P-00194 31st July Abhishek Shrivastava,
Binoj John,
Shweta Grampurohit
UIDC-P-00195 31st July Swati Gupta Infosys
UIDC-S-00196 31st July Biswadeep Ghosh,
Amit Rana,
Bhupesh Garg,
Konica Sharma
Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune
UIDC-S-00197 31st July Anshul Bahukhandi,
Rajat Khanna
College Of Engineering Roorkee
Bhagwan Parshuram Institue Of Technology
UIDC-S-00198 31st July Nitin Gupta IIIT Hyderabad
UIDC-P-00199 31st July Sriram A CA Hyderabad
UIDC-S-00200 31st July Tanmay Prakash Gupta,
Amit Patil,
Gaurav Narkar,
Kumar Abhinav
Welingkar Institute of Management, Bangalore
UIDC-S-00201 31st July Praveen Krishnan,
Kanagavel Kannan,
G. Srinu
SP Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai
UIDC-S-00202 31st July Akhilesh S.V NID Ahmedabad
UIDC-S-00203 31st July Pallavi Patil,
Priyanka Ratnaparkhi,
Preetesh Dixit,
Ritesh Raushan
Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai
UIDC-P-00204 31st July Swati Trehan,
Nitin Chawla
Globallogic, Noida
MDI, Gurgaon
UIDC-P-00205 31st July Dinesh T B Janastu
UIDC-S-00206 31st July Abhinav,
Nishant Khurana,
Priyanka Singh,
IIM BAngalroe
UIDC-P-00207 31st July Vikram Jayaraman,
Karthik Ganesan,
Girish Variyath
Cisco Systems
UIDC-S-00208 31st July Premal Gandhi,
Mohsin Khan,
Bikash Kumar Singh,
Vishal Jain
Welingkar Institute of Management, Bangalore
UIDC-S-00209 31st July Sandeep Banerjee,
Vineet Pala,
Ramya Lakshmi,
Sumit Samant
Welingkar Institute of Management, Bangalore
UIDC-S-00210 31st July Gaurav Kulkarni,
Sujeet Sanzgiri,
Punam Shukla,
Kanchan Pande
Welingkar Institute of Management, Bangalore
UIDC-S-00211 31st July RVV Prasad Rao
D Balakrishna
M Sujeeth Nanada
IIIT Hyderabad
UIDC-S-00212 31st July Payal Khuttan,
Shanti Prakash Baldewa
IIT Kharagpur
S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research
UIDC-S-00213 31st July Namrata Agrawal,
Nalineesh Chand,
Priti Jeswani
Welingkar Institute of Management, Bangalore
UIDC-S-00214 31st July Sayam Nagesh,
Abhishek Agarawal,
Pankaj Kulkarni,
Gaurav Babar
Welingkar Institute of Management, Bangalore
UIDC-S-00215 31st July Meetali Mukherjee,
Dev Kuavala,
Kshitij Mehta,
Trupti Patankar
Welingkar Institute of Management, Bangalore
UIDC-S-00216 31st July Amit Behal,
Kavita Chauhan,
Mayuri Chalke,
Chriag Dedhia
Welingkar Institute of Management, Bangalore
UIDC-S-00217 31st July

Apurva Agarwal,
Parakram Khandpur,
Shalekh Banka,
Shamiroh Tikoo

IIM Bangalore
UIDC-S-00218 31st July Ankur Jhaveri,
Mayuri Chalke,
Swapnil Lal,
Swagata Karmalkar
Welingkar Institute of Management, Bangalore
UIDC-S-00219 31st July Shweta Gupta,
Rahul Telgote
UIDC-S-00220 31st July Nitin Gaopande,
Manas Dandekar,
Bhargavi Lakshminarayan N,
Khusboo Kansara
Welingkar Institute of Management, Bangalore
UIDC-S-00221 31st July Saurabh Rai IIM Bangalore
UIDC-S-00222 31st July Ritika Karnani,
Rikta Krishnaswamy,
Kaushik Eshwar,
Siddarth Nair
Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune
UIDC-S-00223 31st July Devina Cooutinho,
Manasi Agarwal,
Mihir Joshi,
Shruti Mehrotra
Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune
UIDC-S-00224 31st July Akshay Roongta,
Akshay Pundir         
Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune
UIDC-S-00225 31st July Shavak Tanwar,
Shreesh Misra,
Denesh Sinha,
Bishav Rajbhandari 
Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune
UIDC-S-00226 31st July Anjali Shah,
Shamla Nakhate,
Sanjukta Das,
Siddharth Sarvagyam
Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune
UIDC-S-00227 31st July Apporva Gupta,
Sanket Sali,
Tejeshwar Singh,
Kunal Bansal
Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune
UIDC-S-00228 31st July Kadambari Raw,
Unnatee Umale,
Smrita Ahuja,
Sumalya Foswami
Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune
UIDC-S-00229 31st July Sarjon Chatterjee                
Jayendra Mundada              
Prachi Ranavat                   
Sakshi Deval                       
Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune
UIDC-S-00230 31st July Akshay Roongta,
Akshay Pundir,
Kshitiz Sharma
Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune
UIDC-P-00231 31st July Mrinal Sharma
UIDC-S-00232 31st July Jaideep Pal Welingkar Institute Of Management Development & Research, Mumbai
UIDC-S-00233 31st July Saorabh Shivhare Welingkar Institute Of Management Development & Research, Mumbai
UIDC-S-00234 31st July Hemesh,
Shashank Patil,
Welingkar Institute Of Management Development & Research, Mumbai
UIDC-S-00235 31st July Namrata,
Welingkar Institute Of Management Development & Research, Mumbai
UIDC-S-00236 31st July Shashank Shetty,
Chirag Dedhia,
Welingkar Institute Of Management Development & Research, Mumbai
UIDC-S-00237 31st July Ankur,
Welingkar Institute Of Management Development & Research, Mumbai
UIDC-P-00238 31st July P.V.S.S. NagaRaja,
N. Ashwin


Jan Blom
Head, Nokia Research Center(NRC), Bangalore, India

Jan Blom is heading a multidisciplinary research group at Nokia Research Center (NRC), Bangalore. The team comprises social scientists, designers and computer scientists and its aim is to explore the rich and varied consumer landscape of today's India so as to identify novel business opportunities for Nokia in India and emerging markets in general. After pursuing his PhD around the topic of 'Psychological Implications of Personalised UIs', Jan joined NRC, Helsinki, in 2003, where he worked as Principal Scientist conducting user research in the area of social media. Later he moved to India to set up a satellite studio for Nokia Design and finally to establish the NRC research group.

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Head, Emerging Markets Services, Nokia India

Natesh heads emerging markets services initiatives at Nokia. He is based in Bangalore, India. Natesh, has been associated with Nokia since 2002 and has  held various positions under the functional areas of sales & product marketing both in India and APAC. Prior to Nokia, Natesh served in several capacities at HCL-HP, Wipro and Manipal Education. Natesh has served as a featured speaker at a number of industry business and technical events in Asia. Natesh has a Bachelors of Engineering degree in Engineering from RVCE, Bangalore. A Masters degree in Computer Aided Design from Mysore University, and a MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.

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Raman Saxena
Director User Experience, India Technology Centre, CA & Co-founder USID Foundation

Raman Saxena has 18+ years professional experience in the Technology and User Centric Design domain. Before joining CA in December 2004, he had worked as Design Engineer, Sr. Usability Specialist and Sr. Designer in various organizations including CMC, SIEMENS, NOKIA, Human Factors International Inc. & Network Program in INDIA, US, EUROPE & CHINA. He is an Electronics & Communication Engineer with Post Graduate education in Industrial Design  from India’s Premier design Institute, National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmadabad. He has been part of EEU/German Govt. scholarship for advance studies with focus on Usability, Human Factors, Design & Environment in Germany and attended courses in various universities/institutes in Europe as guest student. He also successfully attended a 3 Weeks "International Management" training course in Cologne Germany. Raman is also a member of the Programme Advisory Committee of NID’s R&D Campus, Bangalore. He is also associated with various design and technology institution as guest faculty and jury member.

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After the contest concludes, the winning entries will be published on the USID Foundation web site. USID Foundation will also notify the winning teams through email or phone. The profile of each of the team members of winning entries will also be published on the USID Foundation. The winners will be informed at one week before the USID2008 event that is planned from 4-6 th September 2008 in Bangalore .
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Design Challenge Jury

Jan Blom
Jan Blom, Head Nokia Research, India
Natesh, Head, Emerging Markets Services, Nokia India
Raman Saxena
Raman Saxena, Director User Experience, India Technology Centre, CA & Co-founder USID Foundation
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