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UI Design Competition
For Design & Engineering Students
Email System for Users above 58 years
Design a public email system for users over 58 years with no internet experience.

As the world walks rapidly into information age, technology is changing the way people live and learn. Cyberization has influenced societies, broadening the possibilities of life choices. Advancement in communication and transportation has encouraged population migration as livelihood strategies. Speed and cost effectiveness is slowly replacing the traditional postal communication with email.

According to Population Division, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations Secretariat, there has been a tremendous growth in the number and proportion of older persons all over the world. One out of every ten persons is now 60 years or above; by 2050, one out of five will be 60 years or older. This changing demography is set to underpin a rise in the incidence of age-related usability issues.

The issue is if the limitations and inexperience of the ageing population have been given due consideration by the designers and engineers while designing solutions. What design consideration should be taken into account to make such products and systems usable by the senior citizens?


UI Design competition submission deadline is over.

By entering, you agree to be bound by these Official Rules and the decisions of the HCI-Hyderabad which shall be final in all respects. All entries must be original, and by entering you hereby assert that nothing in your entry infringes on any copyrights or trademarks, or violates any person's rights of privacy or publicity. All entries should display a copyright notice, for your protection. HCI-Hyderabad assumes no responsibility if for any reason, your design cannot be viewed or is not capable of running as planned. HCI-Hyderabad is not responsible for any errors in contest related materials, or lost, late, misdirected, damaged, incomplete or illegible entries. Limit one entry per student (one student can not be member of more then one team).


Registration No.

Reg. Date




April 3rd


Velayudham Subramaniam


April 4th


Sivaroop Tejaswi


April 4th


Saikat Dutta

UIComp-S-0004 April 5th IIT-Kanpur Simerjeet Singh Ahuja
Subramanya T.N.


April 7th


Nageshwara Rao M

UIComp-S-0006 April 7th IIT-Guwahati Aditya Bhandari
Aditya Saxena
Divye Bokadia
Vikas Vaishnav
UIComp-S-0007 April 9th Symbiosis Institute-Pune
Indira Institute-Pune
Divya Chotalia
Bharat Oswal


April 10th


Mansi Arora


April 10th


Ananya Vetaal

UIComp-S-0010 April 11th IDC-IIT Mumbai Nikhil Karwall
BL Naveen
UIComp-S-0011 April 12th IIT-Guwahati A.Pradeep Kumar
L.Jayanth Nag  
Abhinav Gupta 
Saurabh Vyas
UIComp-S-0012 April 13th Symbiosis Institute-Pune Chirag M Kirpalani
UIComp-S-0013 April 13th IIT-Guwahati Rajender Arora
Manshu Aneja
UIComp-S-0014 April 14th IIT-Guwahati Suchit Dubey
Subhrajit Das
Aniruddha Jha
UIComp-S-0015 April 14th IIT-Guwahati Jayachandra
UIComp-S-0016 April 15th CFA-JNTU Mouli Nath
UIComp-S-0017 April 17th IDC-IIT Mumbai Anshuman Kumar
UIComp-S-0018 April 18th Symbiosis Institute-Pune Claude Lawrence
UIComp-S-0019 April 18th DA-IICT Gandhi Nagar Sumit Kumawat
Rahul Bhar
Bhavesh Patel
UIComp-S-0020 April 19th Kongu Engineering College-Tamilnadu Ankit Khare
Samarth Jeyaraman
UIComp-S-0021 April 19th Jai Hind-Mumbai
Sophia Poly-Mumbai
Pravin Darayani
Saishraddha Malage
UIComp-S-0022 April 19th NID-Ahmedabad Pallavi Damera
Arul Prabhu
UIComp-S-0023 April 20th IDC-IIT Mumbai Arun Nagargoje
UIComp-S-0024 April 20th M.S. Ramaiah School of Advance Studeis-Bangalore K.R. Rukesh Narayanan
Vinayak G. Devamurti
Abhijeet Atwadkar
Jaya Kumar
UIComp-S-0025 April 20th IIT-DELHI K. Thiyagarajan
Asma Salati
Diba Kazi
Rituparna Biswas
UIComp-S-0027 April 20th NID-Ahmedabad Kiran
Raman Khanna
UIComp-S-0028 April 20th IIT-DELHI Richa Verma
Pradeep Chaudhary
Neha Chandra
UIComp-S-0029 April 20th Symbiosis Institute-Pune Pooja Chinnapattan
UIComp-S-0030 April 20th IIT-DELHI Anand Jha
Prasun Jain
Saksham Gupta
Aashish Bhaskar
UIComp-S-0031 April 20th M.S. Ramaiah School of Advance Studio-Bangalore Mahesh Marath
UIComp-S-0032 April 20th Symbiosis Institute-Pune Sangeeta Balasubramani
UIComp-S-0033 April 23rd IIT-DELHI Sannidhya Misra
Supriya Lamba
Vivek R
UIComp-S-0034 April 23rd NID-Ahmedabad
Sardar Patel College of Engg
Yugant H Sonawale
Kaustubh Sonawale
UIComp-S-0035 April 24th NID-Ahmedabad Rahul Kothari
Mili Sharma
Anisha Malhotra
UIComp-S-0036 April 24th NID-Ahmedabad Sanjeev Behera
UIComp-S-0037 April 25th SSN College of Engineering J. Ravikumar
UIComp-S-0038 April 27th IIT Bombay Prerna Bhandari
UIComp-S-0039 April 27th IISc Yogendra Solanki
Prabin Pebam
UIComp-S-0040 April 30th MS Ramaiah School of Advanced Studies, Bangalore Dipumon A M
Hanees P K
Jobi Francis
Praveen Thomas

This contest is open to the students who are full time enrolled in any of the of Design Institutes or Engineering/ Technology institutes all across India. All winners will be required to execute an affidavit swearing to compliance with these eligibility requirements. The students have to form a team of max 4 students (the teams can be formed from a same design/technological institute or could be a comprising of members drawn as combination two design and technological institutes. One student can only participate in single team and cannot be enrolled in multiple teams.


All the entries which are complete and meets the eligibility criteria will be judged by a jury (minimum 3 members) drawn from educational institutions, Industry and one member of HCI-Hyderabad. The Jury will choose three winners who will be awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd ranks. Each entry will be judged based on the following criteria (the summaries following each criterion are for descriptive purposes only):

Creativity/Ingenuity: 50%. Is the entry creative, unique and inventive? Does the entry employ interesting user interface or interactive techniques?

Design/Functionality: 50%. Does the entry achieve its goals? Is the entry intuitive to use? Does the entry allow the user to do something? Can the user give and receive?


Three prizes as per the following will be awarded to the best three entries:

  • 1st Prize: Products/gadgets of approximate value of Rs.15 Thousand.
  • 2nd Prize: Products/gadgets of approximate value of Rs.10 Thousand.
  • 3rd Prize: Products/gadgets of approximate value of Rs. 7 Thousand.

The prizes will be awarded during the closing events of the USID 2007 being planned for June 2007 . The details and schedule will be notified to all the winning teams through email/post. The Individual team can decide to collect the prizes themselves by attending the closing event of USID 2007 on their own expenses or can inform HCI-Hyderabad about their incapability to attend the closing event. In this case, HCI-Hyderabad will make some alternative arrangement of forwarding the prizes to the inning teams. By entering, you agree to be bound by these Official Rules, and the decisions of HCI-Hyderabad, which shall be final in all respects. All the entries irrespective of winning or not will be given participation certificates by the HCI-Hyderabad.


After the contest has concluded, the winning entries will be published on the HCI-Hyderabad web site. HCI-Hyderabad will also notify the winning teams through email or phone and also through post. The profile of each of the team members of winning entries will also be published on the HCI-Hyderabad. The winners will be informed atleast before one week of the the USID2007 event which is being planned for June 2007.

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