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Call for Papers
Professionals, Academician and Students are invited to submit papers on any of the listed topics addressing various design issues and insights on methodologies that should be employed to build an usable and accessible Information Society.

Papers submission deadline is over.







Pranav Mistry, MIT
and Niranjan Nayak, Microsoft


AKSHAR: A mechanism for inputting- Indic scripts on digital devices

Selected to Present


Ravikumar J. and C.Premnath


Multi-Lingual And Deviceless Computer Access For Disabled Users

Selected to Present under Student Category


Mayank Tiwari, Infosys and
Dr. Bishakh Bhattacharya


Web based interactive tool to help Reading Disabled Children in Developing Economy

Selected for Publication


Andy Dearden, and
Haider Rizvi and Subodh Gupta


Community Participation in Interactive Systems Design for Rural Development

Selected to Present


Chaitrali Dhole


User Centered Design of the Pune Municipal Transport Website: A Community Project in e-Governance

Selected for Publication


Kunal Kapoor


Translating User Needs to Product-
Attributes with User Involvement

Selected for Publication


Srividya Jagannathan


Transformation to Transparent and Citizen-based Governance

Selected for Publication


Raza Habib
Mohsin Hyder


Comparison Of Synchronous And Asynchronous Communication Technologies For Computer Supported Collaborative Learning

Selected to Present


Venkat Koneti

Trust & Reliability

Expand Your Reach � Make Trust and Reliability an Integral Part of Your System

Selected to Present


Mainak Ghosh

Trust & Reliability

Beyond UI � Truth. Perception. Time

Selected for Publication


Prof. Mayuri A. Mehta,
and Prof. Ms. Niti Desai

Trust & Reliability

Security in Ad hoc Network - A Snapshot

Selected for Publication


K.A. Anand

Trust & Reliability

Digital Identity

Selected for Publication


Sajid Saiyed


A Modular personal infotainment system

Selected for Publication

  • All submissions must be in English and must include title and author information, including author affiliations.
  • Faxed submissions are not acceptable.
  • Late submissions will not be reviewed.
  • The written paper should include a short abstract, keywords, body, and references (for more detail, please see the USID2007 Conference Publication Format.
  • Submissions must not contain proprietary or confidential material and should not cite proprietary or confidential publications.
  • All submissions must be in the camera-ready format (PDF). Due to tight publication schedules, revisions will not be possible. The submitted PDF version will be considered the final version of the paper.
  • We recommend that you register using an e-mail address for communication between the review panel and the individuals. Important information will be distributed via e-mail for individuals invited to attend the conference, which must be acted on in a timely fashion.
  • Dr. Baral, Faculty and Head, Research & Labs Deptt., NID Gandhinagar
  • Veerasekhararao Muddana, CA
  • Parag Deshpande
  • Anijo Punnen Mathew
This contest is open to the professionals, academicians and students.
Each paper submission will be distributed to and reviewed by experts. Care will be taken to avoid conflicts of interest/affiliation when matching reviewers and participants.

Submissions are reviewed based on:

  • Originality of the content
  • Quality of the content
  • Relevance to the theme
  • Clarity of the written presentation

The papers short listed by the review panel will be presented during the USID 2007 and all accepted papers will be published in the USID 2007 Conference Proceedings. Teams will be notified of acceptance or rejection the week of June 15 2007. Authors of selected papers will be expected to attend the conference in order to present their submissions to other conference attendees. HCI-Hyderabad will also notify the authors through email or phone and also through post.

REGISTERED PAPERS (Registration Closed!)

Regn. No.

Reg. Date



Paper-P-0001 19th April
Udhaya Kumar Padmanabhan
Aztecsoft, Bangalore
Paper-P-0002 20th April
Waseem Mohammed
CA, Hyderabad
Paper-P-0003 23rd April Vishnu Gopal
Torque, Thiruvananthapuram
Paper-S-0004 23rd April Ravikumar Jayaraman
Accessibility SSN College of Engineering, Tamilnadu
Paper-P-0005 25th April Mayank Tiwari Accessibility Infosys, Bangalore
Paper-P-0006 26th April Louise Welfare Learning University of Sussex
Paper-P-0007 27th April Vishwak
Elavarasu M
Accessibility Seamit Technologies
Paper-P-0008 30th April Ramkumar Iyer
Anay Agarwal
Mobility Wipro
Paper-P-0009 1st May DR. Ashish Chaturvedi
Supriya Gupta
Invertis Institute of Engg. & Tech., Bareilly
Paper-P-0010 1st May Asso. Prof. Mr.V.Malsoru Governance SRTIST, Nalgonda
Paper-P-0011 2nd May Asst. Prof. Manas Mishra Learning M S Ramaiah School of Advanced studies
Paper-P-0012 3nd May Kashyap.S
Vinatha Sridhar
Learning -
Paper-P-0013 3nd May Srividya Jagannathan Mobility Infosys, Bangalore
Paper-P-0014 3nd May

Sai Madhavi.D

Mobility Rao Bahadur Y Mahabaleswar (VEC)
Paper-P-0015 3nd May Sajid Saiyed Entertainment Philips Design, Pune
Paper-P-0016 3nd May Venkat Koneti Trust & Reliability CA, Hyderabad
Paper-P-0017 4th May Arshad Tanveer Accessibility DE Shaw, Hyderabad
Paper-P-0018 4th May Kaustubh Janmejay Vaidya
Sanjay Joshi
Trust & Reliability Infosys, Bangalore
Paper-P-0019 4th May Asst. Prof. Anant Bhaskar Garg Accessibility
Graphic Era Institute of Technology, Dehradun
Paper-P-0020 4th May Prof. Mayuri A. Mehta
Prof. Ms. Niti Desai
Trust and Reliability SCET, Surat
Paper-P-0021 4th May Andy Dearden
Haider Rizvi
Subodh Gupta
Governance Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield
Safal Solutions
Paper-P-0022 4th May Mainak Ghosh Trust & Reliability Wipro
Paper-S-0023 5th May Mukesh choudhary P. Vamsi Chaitanya Learning and Entertainment IIT, Guwahati
Paper-S-0024 5th May M.S.Thiagarajan Mobility Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering
Paper-P-0025 5th May Srividya Jagannathan Governance Infosys, Bangalore
Paper-P-0026 5th May K.A.Anand Trust & Reliability Uzanto Consulting, Delhi
Paper-P-0027 5th May Mrs. Saba Aziz Hilal
Dr. S.A.M. Rizvi
Trust & Reliability Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi
Paper-S-0028 5th May Jayakumar Governance M S Ramaiah School of Advanced studies
Paper-P-0029 4th May


Accessibility Rao Bahadur Y Mahabaleswar (VEC)
Paper-P-0030 7th May

Mudit Mittal

Entertainment HFI, Mumbai
Paper-P-0031 7th May

Chaitrali Dhole

Governance Persistent, Pune
Paper-P-0032 7th May

Siddharth Gaikwad

Mobility Sasken Communication Technologies
Paper-P-0033 7th May

Geeta Arora

Learning CA
Paper-P-0034 7th May

Kunal Kapoor

Governance HFI, Pondicherry
Paper-P-0035 8th May

Pranav Mistry
Niranjan Nayak

Accessibility MIT, USA
Microsoft (India), Hyderabad
Paper-P-0036 10th May

Parag Trivedi

Learning Honeywell
Paper-S-0037 11th May

Raza Habib
Mohsin Hyder

Learning LUND University, LUND, Sweden
FAST, Islamabad, Pakistan
Paper-P-0038 11th May

Pammi Nirmala
Pammi Kalee Prasad

Learning Pracharak Hindi Training College, Vijaywada
Paper-P-0039 11th May


Trust &
Paper-P-0040 11th May

Tushar Malhotra

Governance Microsoft

The papers short listed by the review panel will be presented during the USID 2007 and all accepted papers will be published in the USID 2007 Conference Proceedings. All accepted papers will be published in the USID 2007 Conference Proceedings.

To leverage the emerging technology, one needs to rethink on the learning approaches and what it means to be digitally fluent. Do we need to move beyond the traditional approach towards teaching and rather influence technology to build a social framework that fosters learning?
Complex social structures are evolving as a consequence of greater mobility, establishing a common shared world. The term 'user experience' is often misunderstood within the mobile telecoms industry. How can the industry develop the entire value chain that delivers an experience without losing focus on the end customer?
The growing demand for better content with personalized services has posed new navigation challenges for the integrated medium, disputing the very purpose of entertainment. What would it take to enable consumers to enjoy, manage and interact with all kinds of content from any source in a simple and easy way?
Today most of the new jobs require some proficiency in IT skills and it makes sense for every employer to adjust and adapt their IT for everyone to use comfortably. What are the challenges ahead for hardware and software technology providers to enable basic access to computing for all people - including those with disabilities?
Trust & Reliability
As business relies more and more on technologies and infrastructures that reduce geographical distances, the communication networks and associated information systems become vulnerable to integrity. How can this Trust be developed and what are the challenges in building this Infrastructure?

With the advent of new technologies, citizens, political parties and non government organizations acquire new interaction mechanisms to influence the governing process. How to establish transparency and effectiveness to information delivery system that encourages citizen participation in the decision making process?