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A weeklong celebration of design & design thinking...

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Design plays a critical role in our everyday life, shaping the way we live and work. Design also offers collaboration and co-creation in work, allowing professionals of different fields to explore, communicate, create and develop.

Delhi Design Festival, organized jointly by USID Foundation & India Design Festival is a celebration of design and design thinking to extend the power of design and its value to businesses, governance and society. It is a festival to celebrate and showcase the creativity and innovation of design and design professionals across the various designdomains and also connect the design with the common people. Delhi Design Festival mission is to contribute to improvements in various areas of design discipline including business, policy, education & future and the impact of design in improving the quality socio-economic, socio-cultural life of people of India. It also aims to contribute improvements in various aspects of urban and rural life across India with especial focus on Delhi and NCR region. The festival is planned for month of February 2018 and includes many pre-festival, during festival and post festival events including conference, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, design showcase, design camps, design showcase, design shopping, design competitions, design in schools fashion shows, performance, design walks, public events and open days in public buildings, and design studios etc.showcase 

We are looking forward to hear from individuals, students, organisations AND institutions who are interested in being part of Delhi Design Festival (DDF) as VOLUNTEER, PARTNERS and SPONSOR  etc. in making this event successful. Contact or call at +91 9695903332

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Speakers & Presenters from Past Conferences

Bill Buxton
Principal Researcher 
Microsoft Research

Sharad Sharma
Chief Executive Officer 
Yahoo India R&D 

Debra Danielson
President of CTE,
SVP & Distinguish Engineer,
CA Inc.  

Prof. M.P. Ranjan
Principal Designer & Faculty, 
National Institute of Design, 
Ahmedabad (NID)

Jennifer Kilian
Creative Director 
Frog Design 

Lalitesh Katragadda
Asst. Managing Director 
Google India

Dr. Fredrick Weber
Adjunct Sr. Research Scientist 
Columbia University Research

Ashish Gupta
Managing Director  
Hellion Ventures 

Prof. Oriville Clubb
City University of Hong Kong 

Kentaro Toyoma
Asst. Managing Director 
Microsoft Research India 

Prof. Anil K Gupta
Professor IIM, Ahmedabad 
Founder-Honey Bee Network
Ex.Vice Chairman NIF

Warren Greving
Director, Srishti Labs

Ed Cutrell
Manager, Technology 
for Emerging Markets, 
Microsoft Research India

Santosh Desai
Managing Director & CEO,
Future Brands Ltd.

Paul Neervoort
Lead User Experience, 
Philips Design

Solomon Prakash
Country Head
Ashoka, India

Dr.Srinivasan Ramani
Professor, IIIT Bangalore

Younghee Jung
Research Leader, 
Nokia Research Center, India

Mahesh Murthy
Founder, Pinstorm
Managing Partner, Seedfund

Murli Nagasundaram
Head, Learning Innovation, 
Manipal Universal Learning 

Prof. Yogesh Atal
Eminent Sociologist 
& Anthropologist

Sudhir Sharma
Founder and Chief executive
of Indi Design

Toyohiro Kanayama
UX Evangelist, 
Mitsue-Links Co. Ltd, Japan

Aditya Dev Sood
Founder and CEO, 
Center for Knowledge 
Societies (CKS)

Prof KR Srivatsan
Pro Vice Chancellor

Dr. Jerome White
Mobile Research Group
IBM Research Lab

Dr. Ruchi Dass
MHealth Evangelist, India

Dr. Carrie Gates
Vice President & Research
Staff Member,
CA Labs, CA Inc.

Deepa Bachu
Group Manager

Dr. Raj Minhas
Asso. Director,
Xerox Research Center,

Pranav Mistry
Media Lab, MIT

Dr. Matt Jones
Swensa University, UK

Dr.Christian Lappe
PhD, Director, Sales &
Instruments (SMI) GMBH

Dr. Ed Cutrell
Manager, Technology for
Emerging Markets
Microsoft Research India

Uma Prajapati
Upasana Design Studio

Silvia Zimmermann
Founder & CEO

Daniel Scuz
Principle Consultant
Apogee Usability Asia Ltd.

Dr.Pramod K Verma
Technology Advisor
UID of India

Priya Prakash
Head of Mobile phone
User Experience
Nokia UK

Sean Blagsvedt

Ashok Mutha Jain, IPS
IGP-Public Grivences
UP Police

Prof. Ganesh Prabhu
Professor of Strategy
Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore 

Sandeep Datar
Sr. Director 
User Experience Design
Yahoo India R&D 

Arunva Sinha
Chief Product Officer
NDTV Convergys

Bill Thies
Resaercher, Technology 
for Emerging Markets, 
Microsoft Research India

Anita B Punja
Asia Pacific Leader
Learning Content Dev.,
IBM India 

Deepak Menon
Group Design Manager
Microsoft India Development
Center, Hyderabad 

Jan Blom
Research Team Leader
Nokia Research Center

Jay Puller
President & CEO
Pramati Technologies

Dr.Mellisa Densmore
Post Doc. Researcher
Technologies for Emerging
Markets, Microsoft Research India

Arvind Prasanjeet Jayanta Neil Khushroo

Arvind Lodaya
Founder & Designer
Lodaya Consulting

Prasonjit Ganguly
Animator and Film Maker

Dr. Jayant Chatterjee
Kanpur, India

Neil Patel
Ahmedabad, India

Khushroo Pasha
Founder, Indian Bolld
Nagpur, India

Markus Adi Hemant satyaki Jason

Markus Heggi
Founder & CEO
Colayer GMBH 

Adi Codaty
Head Innovation and R&D
United Healthcare India

Hemant Lamba

Satyaki Roy
Associate Professor
Design Programme
IIT Kanpur

Jasson Huang
Founding Principal,  Tang
Consulting and Founder &
President,UPA China 

Hiren Dalal
Director, Quality & PMO
ITC, CA, India

Sanjai K.
Vice President 
SAP Labs India 

Dharmesh Jadeja
Architect, Buildaur

Sree Unnikrishnan
Head, User Experience Group,
Google India

Dr. Alok Bajpai
Consultant Psychiatrist
Regency Hospital
Kanpur, India

Kaushal Sarda
Kuliza Technologies

Vijay Taddapalli
AVP & Head UXM Group
Satyam Technologies

Natalie Buda Smith
UX Consultant

Sunil Shanbag
Documentary Film Maker 
Theater Director

Raghu Dwarkanath
Global Business Division

Suhasini Ayer
Auroville Design Consultant

Atul Tiwari
Film Script Writer, Actor 

Dr. S Ghosal
NID R&D Campus Bangalore

Shashank Deshpande
Clarice Technologies 

Paromita Vohra
Documentary Film Maker 
Film Director  

Dr. Arun Mehta
Professor & Chairman
CE Department, JMIT

Prabhas Sinha
Sr. Manager,
Product Management
ITC, CA India

Sridhar Marri
VP- & Head, Corp. Comm.
Design Group
Infosys Technologies 

Dr. Dinesh Katre
Group Head, National
Multimedia Resource Center
C-DAC Pune

Saurabh Karandikar
Creative Head
Rediffusin - Y&R

Amit Pande
Senior Manager
Application UX

Sandeep Pillai
Creative Head
OnMobile Global Ltd.

Ravi Pudi Krishna
Sr. Head PTL-U
Trina Systems 

Vineet malhotra

Rajiv Puraniye
CEO and Founder

Abhishek Hazra
UX Designer
Microsoft India Development
Center, Hyderabad 

Prakash Siyani
Forum Nokia, India Lead
Nokia India

Mrinal Wadhwa
Founder Blu 

Uday M. Shankar 
Sr. UX Designer 
Nokia R&D 

Asim Waqif
Architect & Installation Artist, 
Faculty, School of Planning
& Architecture, Delhi



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Past Supporters


Organisation Participated
  1. Accenture
  2. ACL Wireless
  3. Adobe
  4. Ashoka Foundation
  5. AuruRE
  6. Auroville Design
  7. Auro Films
  8. Buildour
  9. CA Technologies
  10. CA Labs
  11. C-DAC
  12. Century Links
  13. CKS
  14. Cheese Care
  15. City Univ. of Hong Kong
  16. Cognizant Technologies
  17. Columbia University
  18. Cloayer GMBH
  19. Clarice Technology
  20. Consona CRM Software
  21. Cordys India Pvt.
  22. Convergys
  23. Corel Corporation
  24. Cox & Kings
  25. Cybrent Technologies
  26. Deloitte
  27. Design District
  28. Design for Use
  29. Deshpande Foundation
  30. Earth Institute
  31. Educomp Solutions 
  32. Embrace
  33. EMC Data Storage
  34. Endeavour Software
  35. FICO India
  36. Frog Design
  37. Future Brands 
  38. GE Capital
  39. Genisys Infor. Systems
  40. GE Healthcare
  41. Google
  42. Green Life Social
  43. HashCube
  44. Health Curser
  45. Hawlet Packard
  46. Hellion Ventures
  47. Honeybee Network
  48. Honeywell
  49. HSBC
  50. Huewei
  51. HFI International
  52. HYSEA
  53. IBM India Pvt. Ltd.
  54. IDC-IIT Mumbai
  55. iDiscoveri
  56. IFMR
  57. IIM Bangalore
  58. IIIT Bangalore
  59. IIT Guwahati
  60. IIIT Hyderabad
  61. IIT Kanpur
  62. IIM Ahmedabad
  63. Impulses
  64. IMRB International
  65. Infor
  66. Intuit
  67. IGNOU
  68. IMI Mobile
  69. iNautix Technologies
  70. Infosys Techologies
  71. Innopark (I) Pvt. Ltd.
  72. Keane
  73. Komli Media
  74. Kuliza
  75. LG Electronics India
  76. Manipal Universal Learning
  77. mChek (I) Payment Sys.
  78. MG flo2go PVT LTD
  79. National Informatics Centre
  80. NDTV Convergys
  81. Light Fish
  82. McAfee
  83. Make My Trip
  84. Metal Power Systems
  85. Microsoft IDC
  86. Microsoft Research
  87. MicroUsability
  88. MIT
  89. MIT Institute of Design
  90. Mindtree
  91. Mitsue-Links Co. Japan
  92. Motorola
  93. Muse Design Consulting
  94. National Innovation Found.
  95. National Innovation Council
  96. NID Bangalore
  97. NID Gandhinagar
  98. Niyasys Tech Pvt. Ltd.
  99. NLSIU
  100. Nokia Mobile Phones
  101. Nokia Research Center
  102. Observer Research Found.
  103. Oghma Design
  104. Oracle India
  105. On Mobile 
  106. Payoda Technologies
  107. Paypal
  108. Peepal Design
  109. Peepal Tree Design
  110. Philips Design 
  111. Philips Electronic
  112. Pinstorm
  113. Pitta Pacific Consulting
  114. Progress Software
  115. Pramati Technologies
  116. PureIT
  117. Regency Hospital
  118. Samsung Design
  119. Samsung India Software
  120. Seedfunds
  121. SKM Design P. Ltd.
  122. SMI Senso-metric Inst.
  123. SMG Consulting
  124. SRISTHI
  125. Sristhi Labs
  126. Sristhi Institute of Design
  127. Sumtotal Systems
  128. Symbaosis Institute
  129. Tang Consulting
  130. Traget Corporation India
  131. Tavant Technologies
  132. TCS
  133. Texavi
  134. Textronics
  135. The Design Village
  136. Thomson
  137. Times Online Ltd
  138. TOBII
  139. Trina Systems
  140. Tringbee Solutions
  141. Travel Another India
  142. United Healthcare
  143. Upasana Design Studio
  144. UPA Chine
  145. User in Design
  146. USER Lab Asia
  147. Uttejna Technologies
  148. Vmware Software India
  149. Wipro Technologies
  150. Xerox Research
  151. Yahoo India
  152. Yasu Technologies
  153. Yodlee Infotech

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